Green soap pint

Green soap pint
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Product Description

Green Soap Tincture traditional Skin prep for both Tattoo and Piercing:Mix 10% Green Soap with 90% Distilled Water and clean the skin first, then disinfection with alcohol.

Makes one gallon

Industry-favorite COSCO Tincture of Green Soap U.S.P. (Green soap is also known as "Liniment of Soft Soap") COSCO has been around since 1966, and is used by more tattoo artists than any other brand. This natural soap is made from pure vegetable oils, glycerin and lavender. Biodegradable, environmentally safe & made in the USA.

USE: Green soap is used for pre-tattoo skin preparation, stencil application & post-tattoo cleansing. Also used for cleaning surgical or tattoo instruments before sterilization. Can even be used an excellent, lathering hand cleanser and shampoo.

FACTORY BOTTLED, UNDILUTED SOAP: Beware other dealers with off-brands, leftover stock, or re-sellers who buy soap in bulk (drums) and re-package it themselves, as there is no way to ensure the soap is sanitary when its been re-packed in someone's warehouse. We turn our stock frequently, and all of our sizes (8oz, 16oz & gallons) are bottled by the manufacturer for safety.

DILUTING SUGGESTIONS: For cleaning instruments before sterilization - mix 1 part soap to 16 parts distilled water For use as a shampoo or hand cleanser - use full strength For general use - mix 1 part soap to 8 parts distilled water