Tattoo practice skin with straps - 6" x 6"

Tattoo practice skin with straps - 6" x 6"
Item# tattoo-practice-skin-with-straps--6quot-x-6qu66

Product Description

Why use practice skin? Ok, no one likes to admit they can make a mistake. No one is perfect. We will make a mistake sometime in our lives. But it should not be on a tattoo. That is where practice skin comes in!

There are a couple types of practice skin those with designs already on so that you can practice your lines, shading, etc, those that are blank so that you can practice with your own designs, and those that can wrap around the arm or leg so you can practice on the body part where you will be doing the tattoo.

While tattooing on the practice skin, you act as if you are tattooing on real skin using A & D ointment or petroleum jelly to lubricate the practice skin so it acts like real skin while you wipe off the excess ink and not remove the ink off your tattooed area. You can use both sides of the practice skin.

The practice skin is great because it helps you get the feel of a new machine, it will strengthen your hand, build confidence, improve your line and shading work, and if it is a bad tattoo no one to yell at you! And you can experiment! A win win!

Deluxe practice skin - complete with arm straps so you can attach it to arms or legs to make the experience even more like the real thing. Great for practicing. Thick double sided skin. Experiment with new designs, color and shading. Make from synthetic skin-like material.